The journey to treatment • support • empowerment

a Staffordshire firefighter explains the importance of fitting a smoke alarm to an older lady

  • The Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service offer a free home fire risk check service which involves a Firefighter or Service Technician visiting people in their homes to give fire safety advice, discuss escape routes and fit free life saving equipment such as smoke alarms and fire guards.  
  • Poor eyesight can be attributing factor to some fires in the home. Customers, in particular those over the age of 65, are offered the RNIB Eyes Right Screening test to indicate whether they need to see an Optometrist.

How does Eyes Right screening work?

  • Eyes Right is a simple computer screening tool which runs on a standard laptop or computer. The tool checks for problems with near and far vision and how well someone can see objects that don’t stand out from their background (their “contrast sensitivity”)
  • If a customer takes the test and poor vision is detected, they will be offered a referral to services to receive the appropriate treatment and support and maximize their chance of avoiding unnecessary sight loss.

Our support system in action

The Beneficiary Journey

Eyes Right screening is not a replacement for an eye test carried out by a qualified optician. It cannot determine the cause of reduced vision and it won’t necessarily detect all eye problems and diseases. It does, however, provide an indication of whether someone should see an optometrist, in the same way that a blood pressure check tells people they should go and see their GP to receive appropriate treatment and support.


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