Anniversary Issue: 12 months of OPTiC

Peer support: image courtesy of Shutterstock

Peer support: image courtesy of Shutterstock

Seeing the positive impact OPTiC is having on our beneficiaries not only helps to keep us focussed on our goals but determined to surpass them.

So what does this mean in terms of current progress against delivery targets? 

 At this key stage, we are delighted that:

  • 20,699 older people have been offered health advice and screening
  • 1,379 older people with sight loss have engaged with support
  • 408 older people have a better understanding of their eye condition and eye health
  • 199 older people with sight loss have been supported by peers in groups or by buddies
  • 286 older people with sight loss have stated that they feel more able to cope with the challenges of sight loss.
  • 477 older people have stated that they are more aware of the range of support services available.

From the outset of this project, our beneficiaries are at the centre of our decision making and delivery. Project team members are in regular consultation with the Beneficiary Action Group (BAG) to ensure the activities they are developing are progressed and initiated.


  • OPTiC is a sustainable model but some funding would be required to continue with certain activities such as the provision of coffee mornings. Partnership working continues to progress consequently more people are benefitting from our services and in turn they are expanding our support system by supporting others.

 Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

Activities around promotion and publicity is going from strength to strength. OPTiC has featured in York Press on a number of occasions and our event in Stafford on October 1st will be featured by The Care Channel TV Network and Staffordshire’s main newspaper, the Newsletter.

Reaching our target audience

  • OPTiC is successfully reaching older people with unsupported sight loss but we have experienced some difficulty in engaging with people from BME, faith and LGBT communities. Going forward, we will be pursuing opportunities to link with local events organised to engage hard to reach groups.

 Overcoming key challenges

  • Our Staying Active groups have been slower to get going than we anticipated and the recruiting of beneficiaries to become members of the BAG. However, we have re-evaluated the point at which we promote both of these opportunities to beneficiaries and have adapted our processes accordingly and expect to see positive results!

 Additional funding and OPTiC branding

  • Additional funding is currently not being sought but we are reviewing whether adaptations to the project may necessitate this.
  • OPTiC is now clearly identifiable as a project brand and is used for all communication processes.

About opt1csilverdreams

Optic is a partnership of trusted organisations which will enable older people, especially those with or at risk of sight-loss, to develop and implement strategies to manage the changes they encounter in later life and reduce isolation.
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