Making Headway

Over the last few weeks, OPTiC has experienced some operational challenges. However, the project remains firmly on course to deliver our objectives and the Silver Dream Team are forging ahead.        

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service Techicians - At Your Service!

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service Techicians – At Your Service!

  • Action for Blind People is gearing up to host the first beneficiary empowerment course next month, in Stafford. Held over 2 days, the course will help older people deal with both the practical and emotional challenges of sight loss.
  • The Silver Dream Team volunteer crew is steadily growing and preparing to deliver the range of support services OPTiC has on offer.    
  • Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service Technicians continue to actively engage older people to take the Eyes Right screening test. To date, Technicians have offered screening to 1,170 people and referred dozens of older people for treatment and support.
  • We have experienced some difficulty in recruiting the right candidate for our Staying Active Assistant role (Age UK), following a brief engagement. Having re-advertised the post, we expect to successfully recruit shortly.     
Shared Learning
Shared Learning

Partnership working with other Silver Dreams projects    

  • We are delighted to announce that on February 18th, OPTiC will be talking to Health Wealth and Happiness about the links between HIV and sight loss. Terrence Higgins Trust will visit RNIB offices in London to record a podcast and the interview will be available to download from our respective blog sites, shortly thereafter.
  • We are also investigating shared learning opportunities with Sight Support Derbyshire, whose Silver Dreams project is based on an empowerment programme developed by RNIB, called Finding Your Feet.

About opt1csilverdreams

Optic is a partnership of trusted organisations which will enable older people, especially those with or at risk of sight-loss, to develop and implement strategies to manage the changes they encounter in later life and reduce isolation.
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