Silver Dreams Optic Project is up and running!

What a busy few weeks it’s been getting our project off the ground and seeing our vision becoming a reality. Most of the key operational posts have been filled and the current Silver Dream Team on the ground is:

  • Beneficiaries Chair: Mel Austin.
  • Project Sponsor: Dr Philippa Simkiss
  • Action for Blind People: Amy Woodward (Project Coordinator) reporting to Jenny Lloyd.
  • Age UK: Christine Moore (Staying Active Assistant) reporting to Jayne Palmer.
  • Staffordshire and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service: Angie Leigh.
  • RNIB: Annette Dinnall (Project Manager) and Angela Edwards (Evaluation) reporting to Rebecca Sheehy.
  • RNIB: Lynn Hodges (Interim Talk and Support Service Manager).
  • York Blind and Partially Sighted Society: Tracy Wilson (Project Officer) reporting to Anna Harland and Diane Roworth.

Value Added Facts

We are passionate about getting the most from our project. Staffordshire and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Technicians have already begun screening all residents living in households with older people who wish to participate. The result? A number of younger people with sight loss have been identified and referred to the appropriate services for treatment.

Project update

Other members of our Silver Dream Team, our invaluable volunteer force, are on board and preparing for their essential roles within this project. Around 14 per cent of our volunteer base has been engaged and we expect to see a steady increase in numbers over the coming months. Older people are at the heart of our service delivery and as the project activities progress into the New Year, their continued involvement will of course be central to our success.

Excitingly, the majority of our outputs for Quarter 1 have either been achieved or we’re on target. Staff training on the Eyes Right screening tool and group set-ups (project and beneficiary) will be delivered by early January, 2013.

Promoting OPTiC

In the coming weeks our blog will be linked to various eye health contacts via their website. We are also planning to engage with another Silver Dreams project to create a podcast on illness and related vision loss. Insight Radio, RNIB’s own radio station which broadcasts worldwide, will feature Optic in the New Year.

Get involved in OPTiC

Through our blog, we aim to communicate knowledge about Optic over the coming months and link with other projects in the Silver Dreams family. We’d also love to hear from the public about your experiences of vision loss or any comments you may have on the Optic project.

Your feedback is essential to the success of this blog so please, get involved by leaving a comment.

An older man and woman online


About opt1csilverdreams

Optic is a partnership of trusted organisations which will enable older people, especially those with or at risk of sight-loss, to develop and implement strategies to manage the changes they encounter in later life and reduce isolation.
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2 Responses to Silver Dreams Optic Project is up and running!

  1. Jenny Lloyd says:

    Great news! Thirteen volunteers have offered their support to the Silver Dreams Optic project through RNIB and Action!

  2. David Allen says:

    Fantastic to see this blog launched!! On my way down to Birmingham for the first project meeting with all partners since the official launch. Very excited about the possibilities of this project !!

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